Build a Chinese Character Separator tool using Google Sheets!

When I was working as a salesperson, my company received a lot of prospective leads through Google Forms.

When we wanted to reach out to these leads, we found that although we had specified separate ‘Name’ fields, a lot of prospects ended up putting both their Chinese and English names in a single ‘Name’ field.

And because we wanted to send out personalised emails through our ‘mail merge’ tool, we would have had to separate and ‘clean up’ more than 3000 names!

As I had picked up a little bit of Python at that time, it occurred to me that this was a rather interesting programming problem. Essentially, we would need a script that would iterate through each character in the string and allocate them to their respective ‘boxes’.

Repeat that 3000 times and hey presto!

As I was still fresh off my ‘Mini CRM’ project, I decided to give this problem a go using Google Apps Script!

You can check out the tool in action here!

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