Build your own Mini CRM system on Google Sheets!

Simplified view of the Mini CRM system

If you have ever worked in sales, you might come to realise that we have become all too accustomed with laggy CRMs and clunky user interfaces.

Got a lot of leads to upload at once? Well I guess you better start clicking your way through those *aesthetic* buttons and pages.

Your sales pipeline changed? Alright, time to hire some developers!

Initially, I had decided to give a third party CRM a go because leads were coming in fast and I needed a good system to help keep track of them all.

Realising that the new CRM wasn’t working, I thought to myself:

“What if I took the good frameworks and systems of this paid CRM and built my own easy to use and flexible ‘mini CRM’ on Google Sheets?”

And so the ‘Mini CRM’ was born.

Having learnt about the awesome things that Google Apps Script can do for anyone working with G-Suite products, I started toying around with some features.

Although the code wasn’t too complicated, it did the job! Why write more code than necessary?

If you want to get a template for this Mini CRM system, check it out here.

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